Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball

Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball is a coming-of-age story reminiscent of The Outsiders.

Thirteen-year-old Reason Nelson attends a party that is busted by the local police. As he flees, he collides with a detective and a drug dealer. He snatches up what he believes to be his jacket. In the pocket of this coat, Reason discovers a key to a safe-deposit box containing evidence that will solve the murder of a young female informant.

The first of the three-book Havelock Chronicles, Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball is the most lost, stolen, and missing book in the Lincoln Public Schools and public library system. Used in treatment centers, detention facilities, alternate schools, and three federal pens, it is not a boring book!

Author: Tom Frye
Publisher: White Cat Publications

Sample of audio book