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I’m Matthew Spaur, a full-service audio professional. While I’m open to a wide variety of projects, I’m passionate about  supporting social impact organizations like nonprofits, startups, and progressive cause campaigns.

  • Voice actor - Trained at VoiceTraxSF, one of the country’s premier voice schools.
  • Producer - Audio mastering that delivers broadcast-quality sound.
  • Content consultant - Writing, editing, and content strategy with 20 years experience.

Voice acting, audio production, writing, editing, and consulting for

  • Internet and social media videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • eLearning and training
  • Educational games and software
  • Audio tours
  • Internet, radio, and TV commercials
  • ... and more!


My basic vocal tone is articulate, calm, and mid-tone. Other descriptions are professional, conversational, intelligent, an approachable expert.

I’ve lived most of my life in Washington state, Oregon, and California. Western United States is my natural accent.

I also voice realistic or quirky characters.

I work from a dedicated VO studio and can easily connect with you for remote collaboration through Source-Connect, IPDL, Zoom or  Skype.

Through VoiceTrax, I’ve had the fortune to study with great actors and teachers such as

Recent Work

Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball is a coming-of-age story reminiscent of The Outsiders.

Thirteen-year-old Reason Nelson attends a party that is busted by the local police. As he flees, he collides with a detective and a drug dealer. He snatches up what he believes to be his jacket. In the pocket of this coat, Reason discovers a key to a safe-deposit box containing evidence that will solve the murder of a young female informant.

The first of the three-book Havelock Chronicles, Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball is the most lost, stolen, and missing book in the Lincoln Public Schools and public library system. Used in treatment centers, detention facilities, alternate schools, and three federal pens, it is not a boring book!

Sample of audio book

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The Cost, a business novel to help companies increase revenues and profits.

Profits are sales minus costs. Lots of books focus on sales. The Cost is one of the few to give practical steps for addressing the other, equally important part of the profit equation.

Sample of audio book

Audio Production

I master your audio files to broadcast and audio book quality. 

I also help you troubleshoot your current audio setup for better results. 

As a new audiobook narrator, I appreciated the care and clarity Matt provided throughout the entire process. His knowledge of audio engineering is significant, and I learned so much along the way. I’m proud of the end result and I believe we created something really wonderful together.

Lyssa Adkins, narrator of “Lead Together” and author of  “Coaching Agile Teams”

Writing, Editing, and Consulting

Through my marketing consulting business Marketing The Social Good, I have 20 years of experience getting the word out for social impact organizations in multiple sectors such as technology, education, and energy. 

My education of MBA plus MFA in Writing makes me uniquely suited to help you reach your goals.


Learn more about making your project a reality.

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