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Audiobook Samples

MEMOIR | 1st person - Couple improvise a romantic moment in Venetian church

YOUNG ADULT | MMF 3rd person - Detective meets with mother and rebellious teen

BUSINESS / LEADERSHIP | Making the go / no-go decision on new business

BUSINESS NOVEL | MMM 1st person - Two Southern employees surprise consultant

KIDS / FINANCIAL LITERACY | Eight-year-old twins buy their first shares of stock

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About Me

I’m Matthew Spaur, a full-service audio professional. While I’m open to a wide variety of projects, I’m passionate about supporting social impact organizations like nonprofits, startups, and progressive cause campaigns.

Voice acting, audio production, writing, editing, and consulting for

Working with Matthew was an absolute pleasure. He understands acutely the intricacies and details of recording, and he delivered a brilliant, flawless product in great time. He brought to life, in the best way possible, a challenging yet meaningful book. I appreciated his professionalism, his passion, and his courtesy, and I would gladly hire him again!

Writing, Editing, and Consulting

Through my marketing consulting business Marketing The Social Good, I have 20 years of experience getting the word out for social impact organizations in multiple sectors such as technology, education, and energy. 

My experience of MBA + MFA in Writing + hundreds of hours study, performing, and producing narration makes me uniquely suited to help you reach your goals.